What is a Massage Specialist?

A massage specialist is treats clients by using touch to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body. Massage specialists relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of their clients.

What do I need to bring?

Be prepared to provide your previous medical or surgical history. Make sure to wear a mask and some comfortable clothing.

How many visits will I need?

The number of treatments will vary depending on the problem and individual. After a thorough assessment, the massage specialist will discuss with you and book appointments according to your needs and goals.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Only the area being treated will be exposed. You can wear any comfortable clothing that is easy to take off and wear. The massage specialist will ask you to undress to your level of comfort.

How do I make an appointment?

You can get in touch by phone (778)708-8079 or go to Book Appointment

Do you take insurance?

No, we do not take insurance.

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